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Period Wardrobes creates customised work for ANY style of residence.  Click below to view our work in some examples of period homes around Melbourne.

Period Wardrobes Promise 

Lifetime Guarantee

Free Quote and Measure

Period Wardrobes PROMISES a Lifetime guarantee. This doesn't mean for the next 12 months or 2 years. If ever there is a problem or query, whether you want a mirror added, extra shelves put in, or even a rail for hanging; we will be more than happy to accommodate. Period wardrobes isnt for the present,we are for life. 

Are you interested in superb quality cupboard space? Are you tired of meeting with companies that charge through the roof and just don't deliver? Call us today and arrange a time where we will  give you a free quote and measure for your desired space. Without hassle, without charge and you'll be on your way to your new wardrobes. 

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